Divas In Distress


Liza Wang as Sheung Ying-hung (商映紅; jyutping: Soeng Jinghung) — a retired television actress.
Gigi Wong as Miu Sing-ho (繆星河; Miu Singho), known as Miu — Hung's rival, who is also a retired television actress. She currently works as a construction worker with her husband.
Chin Kar-lok as Erlang Shen / Chong Ka-long (莊嘉朗; Zong Gaalong) — Miu's son and Hung's son-in-law. He is one of LCD TV's best photographers for their news department.
Eliza Sam as Hannah Heung (香乃馨; Hoeng Naaihing) — an LCD television reporter who comes from a wealthy background.
Him Law as Vincent Chak (翟有聲; Zaak Jausing) — Hung's youngest son who is an interior designer.
Mandy Wong as Kwai Yi-hei (夔懿曦; Kwai Jihei) — Miu's niece, who also works as a construction worker.
Chung King-fai as Fung Hun-man (馮恨晚; Fung Hanmaan) — Hung and Ho's teacher.
Koo Ming-wah as So Gay (蘇基; Sou Gei) — a creative director and Hung's godson.
Mimi Choo as Ching Yeuk-jan (程若真; Cing Joekzan) — Hannah's mother and an entrepreneur.
Ram Chiang as Cheuk Wong-fung (卓旺風; Coek Wongfung) — an entertainer; Ho's friend who dislikes Hung.
Henry Lee as Chong Kan-sau (莊謹修; Zong Gansau) — Miu's husband who owns a construction firm with Miu.


Former divas SEUNG YING HUNG (Liza Wang) and MIU SING HO (Gigi Wong) were initially colleagues under the same company, but for temporary superiority, the two end up fighting for 30 years and ruptures the relationship. If it wasn't for their teacher FUNG HAN MAN (King Sir) always in between them, they would basically cut off all relations. But the most satirical is HO's son CHIANG KA LONG (Chin Kar Lok) is in fact HUNG's son-in-law and HUNG's daughter lost her life from a miscarriage, which has left HUNG in deep sorrow. A wealthy girl HEUNG NAI HING (Eliza Sam) works as a reporter in the television station, suddenly appears by LONG's side and HO encourages her son to marry again to destroy HUNG. Meanwhile HUNG's son CHAK YAU SING (Him Law), who she had carefully raised to lead a successful life, unexpectedly falls in love with HO's renovation worker niece KWAI YI HEI (Mandy Wong). HUNG naturally self-destructs when she sees her son repeating history, becoming a clone of her daughter and LONG. CHAK and HEI's relationship triggers past hatred between HUNG and HO, while making it more complex at the same time. The two engage in a bitter and awful fight, leaving their children in a dilemma...

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