Shirley Yeung in tears: “Mom, I’m Sorry”

Last night, TVB new program Mother, I Really Love You began recording and when the show first started, the organizers continuously put Shirley and her baby’s pictures on the slide shows. A very heartwarming scene! As for Matthew Ko, Det Dik and many other artists went on the show with their mothers. When Dek Dik appeared on stage with his mother, he gave her a kiss on the lips, shocking everyone in the audience!

Shirley claimed she’s a ‘new mother’ and expressed she’s not too familiar with baby caring. During the show, Shirley called her mother live on the spot and vented out her feelings to her. She said: “I really thank you for the tremendous amount of love you gave me, especially when I was still carrying my baby. I know you were really worried about me and wanted to take care of all my everyday needs, but today I’m a mother myself and I know how difficult it is to be one!” As for Shirley’s mother, she replied with her deepest comforting words: “No matter what you encounter outside, your family will support you 100%!” After that comment, Shirley’s voice started breaking and she couldn’t hold in her tears, then she apologized to her mother: “Mom, I’m really sorry for making you so worried about me! I promise you, I will work very hard on my work and take good care of my baby. I will love you even more and be even more filial to you!” Although the message was very short and simple, it was still very touching.

When Nancy Sit talked about her children, she was also very emotional: “A few years ago, I suffered from a great illness, and my oldest daughter especially quit her job and came back to accompany me. My kids are truly obedient and filial!”

Suki Tsui attended the show with both of her parents and her oldest daughter. She expressed she will personally make an apple scent perfume for her mother. She said: “Because in the past, my mother would put the apple scented lipstick on and then kiss me, so I want to get this scent back out again.”

Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @ AsianEU Forum

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