Jerry Yan and Lin Chi-ling to reconcile?

It seems like there is some truth in recent rumours which claimed that Taiwanese model Lin Chi-ling and actor Jerry Yan may reconcile with each other.

Chi-ling, who had been busy working in China and Japan lately, made a rare appearing in Taiwan two nights ago, when she was spotted having supper with her friends in former flame Jerry’s neighbourhood. The model reportedly chose the particular restaurant for its authentic Taiwanese flavour.

The careful Chi-ling took great care of her image while she dined, and would wipe her lips with tissue paper occasionally. After the meal, she looked through some information and discussed work with her friends. She also spoke on the phone gently at one point and covered her mouth, as if afraid of being overheard.

When Chi-ling noticed the paparazzi later, she took the reporters on a wild goose chase through the Min Sheng county area in Taipei, and made quick turns into the alleyways, suggesting her familiarity with the area, before disappearing at a crossroad.

Chi-ling’s manager Sammy responded to the report, saying, “I haven’t heard that she has a date with Jerry. It was just a simple meal before she went home to pack. Chi-ling had already left for a shoot in Shanghai.”

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