Missing You


Cast: Linda Chung, Jason Chan, Lin Xiawei, Ram Chiang , Cilla Lok, Calvin Chan, Patrick Dunn, Rosanna Lui, Susan Tse, KK Cheung, Joseph Lee, Helena Ma, Law Lan, Chow Chung, Law Lok Lam, Matt Yeung, Power Chan, Elaine Yiu (guest) , Raymond Wong (guest)
Oscar Leung (guest)
Genre: Modern Romance
Producer: Fong Chun Chiu (new producer)
Production: May – August 2012
Episodes: 20
A Search & Rescue agency specializes in finding loved ones lost during a war, natural disaster or relocation. The paranoid and skeptical HONG YU FUNG (Linda Chung), the optimistic and energetic SI YIK HIM (Jason Chan), the eloquent SIN KIT JING (Cilla Lok) and computer expert YEUNG CHI KEI (Calvin Chan) are led by a calm and rational team leader LO MAN TIK (Ram Chiang) to start their experience of searching and rescuing people. Not only do they find happiness in their work, but they also go through a whole new experience of how they see themselves…

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