JS - Justin+Sophia

JS is a combination of music composed by my brother the EMERGENCY (Justin) and the sisterChen Qixuan (Sophia).
JS won first prize for participating in "MTV's new sound card War for the creative team to explore. Justin is responsible for the songwriting and harmony chorus, and Sophia is responsible for the lead singer and a few lyric writing. GOGO & MEME nominal in 1999 to release their first album, "Say Forever" in 2004 was changed to a new start "JS", waspublished in " The Rose "and" Sword and Fairy "TV soundtrack concert works.
JS expand its independent creation of the road in March 2006, the establishment of sound thinking Bayer Music Studio (Inspire Music). Has issued a total of six albums and four EP occasionally held a small concert in a musical performance space Riverside .

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