Sharon Chan not interested in taking Sammy Leung’s first on-screen kiss

Yesterday morning, Sharon Chan revealed her fine waist and long legs for TVB new series Justice Pursuit & Attack, where she plays an undercover female cop and pretends to be a prostitute. She was dressed almost the same as her previous sex worker role in Ghetto Justice. However, Sharon is not afraid she might get branded: “I’m just acting, just like the rebirth of ‘Hot Leg Goddess’.”

In the series, Sharon plays a couple with Sammy Leung. As this is Sammy’s first series, has Sharon ever thought about taking Sammy’s first on-screen kiss? She happily joked: “I don’t want to!” On the contrary, Sammy didn’t mind kissing Sharon: “As long as its not Kitty Yuen. My first on-screen kiss in a film was given to Stephy Tang, she’s a pretty girl too! (Has Sharon’s beautiful long legs made you faint yet?) She already attracted a lot of men over to the location, but I like those with shorter legs. Sharon is like my mother, she’s a good brother and senior. She’s too much like a guy, but takes good care of me.” It seems like he’s putting up guards to prevent rumors in hope to keep their other halves at ease.

Truly going nude

Sharon has a scene where she madly runs on the street, which is a scene similar to what she has done before in Ghetto Justice. While shooting for that scene in Ghetto, she tripped and broke her collarbone and had to rest for a period of time. Sharon said that incident didn’t leave a shadow behind: Because this time, I have it more relaxed than before, I don’t have to run so fiercely. Also, I’m wearing sneakers for the run, much more relaxed!” In the series, Sharon and Sammy are a bickering couple, she reveals Sammy has a scene where his pants gets pulled down and exposes his boxers. Sammy joked: “I want to go nude! (A stunts double?) No, I’m doing it myself, a true nude scene, but I don’t think the producer will allow.”

As for Otto Chan, who plays Sammy’s subordinate, has been receiving favorable criticisms for his performance in Gloves Come Off. People on the streets call him by his role in the series ‘Ah Lik’ and this has made him very happy. However, lead actor Kevin Cheng has been criticized for having bad attitude. Otto strongly supported Kevin: “Perhaps because he has to do action scenes and formal scenes, using up all his physical strength and don’t have time to rest. He’s a very good person!”

Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @ AsianEU Forum

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