Bowie Tsang and Vic Zhou deny rumours of a shotgun wedding

Taiwanese actor Vic Zhou, 30, is rumoured to be holding a shotgun wedding with Taiwanese TV host, Bowie Tsang, 39.

According to a tip-off, the pair had registered their marriage in Macau a day before the Qing Ming festival. The reason for the quick marriage is Bowie is reportedly pregnant with Vic’s child.

Vic and Bowie were photographed having a meal together earlier this month. Bowie’s manager explained, “Bowie only invited him to a meal as a producer (Bowie was the producer for the movie, The Killer who never kills, which Vic was initially scheduled to star in until it was canned) and they had not been in contact since.”

Through her management, Bowie had also expressed that while the rumours are hilarious, it is inconsiderate to spread such rumours online just because it is harder to hold anyone responsible for it. Her manager also revealed that during the Qing Ming festival week, Bowie had been in Taiwan and had attended A-Mei’s concert that week. The TV host’s manager asked the reporters in return, “If she is pregnant, won’t her tummy be visible at the Hong Kong Film Awards (held last weekend)?”

In response to the rumours, Vic’s management replied, “Today isn’t April Fool’s Day. It’s a misunderstanding. Thank you for the concern.”

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